I'd love some feedback on my Twitch project!

It took a lot of work to get this working the way I wanted, but I learned a ton. So, that’s a good project in my book.

Note - the search feature isn’t functional yet, but I went ahead and submitted the project because that wasn’t actually included in the user stories.

Also, if anyone has any insight on the best way to overcome CORS issues, that feedback would be great too. I have been running into those sporadically.

Thanks everyone!


Looks good! The one thing that sets off my perfectionist radar is the little search icon on the end of the search bar…it’s a pixel or two mis-aligned. It makes me twitchy (no pun intended).

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I noticed that too and need to figure how to fix it.

Use the Chrome inspect element tools to investigate.

I tracked it down to something funky happening in the .glyphicon class, but that is actually happening in the stylesheet you are pulling from the CDN for Bootstrap. You can manually override the offending item yourself… but it’s actually a problem with the way you’ve implemented Bootsrap’s input-group-add on.

The glyphicon has to be nested one level deeper within the addon span.