Twitch TV Project - feedback needed

Hey there,

I recently finished Twitch TV Project, you can check it on Twitch TV Project.
Please review project and tell me your opinion. I used React as well in this project to test my basic knowledge about it.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards from Montenegro :slight_smile:

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seems fine!

You could probably improve on the design a bit. Good Typography and Color(s) that make
out a distinctive design go a long way. :wrench::hammer:

Rly looking forward to doing this project myself soonish :wink:

Hey, thanks for a feedback. Yeah, you are right, I have focused on functionality more than on the design, I’m gonna try to spend more time on design in the later projects. Put your link when you finish project so I can improve my design skills for later projects. :wink:
Kind Regards from Montenegro :raised_hand:

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Sure! Also, if u do a general design concept in the beginning (so you wont have to change up the layout drastically at least), you can then do the design fine tuning with CSS+Bootstrap later on. Even after the project is done “officially”, like the twitch project.

If u ever find the time to fine-tune it a bit from the CSS-side (mostly), i think it will be worth it later on, when u add it to your project portfolio. I already liked it (twitch project) as it is though. Seems to do the job. nice…

bb & cu from Vienna, Austria :beers: