Short of design ideas-Twitch TV

I am completely short of design ideas for the Twitch TV project. I have easily figured how to use the API and also got the desired results quite comfortably, but i was unable to come up with a good design. If anyone can suggest me some where i can look for such design inspiration to implement, or can also share some ideas of their own. Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

When in doubt, copy the example’s design. Soon after you get started on that, you’ll see where you want to make changes, and before you know it, you’ll have your own design.

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Hmm. That’s actually not a bad idea. As soon as i posted this question, i thought of a design to implement, but i think it might take me a lot of time to actually make it look good, and it might over complicate things a little. Anyways thanks for the advice, i will get to it then, wishing i was more creative.:slight_smile:

I modeled my design, colors, etc. from the actual twitch site, you can look at mine if you want some ideas…


That looks pretty cool. I think this will give me an opportunity to implement a sidebar, i have never done that before.Thanks:)