TwitchAPI feedback - struggled with design

Hey all

I welcome you to please give me feedback on my twitch app, it has taken me far longer than I thought to finish this one, not so much the coding or logic side, but the design side has been a real struggle for me this time. I have noticed hardly anyone elses twich app is responsive or mobile friendly so I have tried to at least make it look the same on mobile and on laptop/pc.

Has been challenging to say the least, I still dont think my design is any good, but if I wasted any more time on this I would never get further. I have tried to make the app as functional as I could, meaning I put everything I could into functions, including displaying the data, I also think it worked quite well and quite clever the simple approach. To me other people seemed to over engineer the problem, way more than needed. I have looked at others twitch app, I struggle to read the code, but I am learning still. I did not see the point in the coding to be more difficult than required.

Please be honest, I know my css is a mess and I need to tidy it a bit. Also any design tips appreciated, I like minimum approach when it comes to design, but I am running out of idea and bored.

Thank you so much!