Feedback on my twitchtv project

Hello all,

I’m trying to get better with the front end stuff so I’m redoing some FCC projects. Would love some feedback on the TwitchTV project.



Upper half of screen is empty with a tiny dot in there, did you design this with a super large monitor?

Nah, you have to click on one of the users first. I’ll have to fix it so it’s not empty at the start. Thank you.

That should be all set now. Thanks again

I see what you mean, yeah it works but it’s not very appealing in design and not mobile friendly.

I just completed mine too btw! I went for a more simple design

Thank you for your opinion. Would you mind elaborating a bit more so I understand what’s wrong with design?

Okay. I’ll be more clear then:

*black background is not nice
*showing huge backgrounds is not mobile friendly
*the backgrounds are not aligned at all
*the buttons are ugly, is that color green? Try using a color pallete and go for hex colors, not premade ones in CSS
*button is cut in half on mobile
*i can’t read anything on mobile, i’m using opera dev tools so i’m not sure though

Hopefully it’s not too harsh, the code seems to work, just the design is bad

Edit: i could see the black background working but only if the logo backgrounds were at least in some other color.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback Robert. I will keep these points in mind. Design is definitely not my strong point so I will continue trying to improve.

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