Need some feedback from you (Twitch Tv)


i would love some feed back from you guys on my project,

i started this a month ago but I had a really hard start, i spent a week with no progress , and gave up for another week and a half,
i almost stopped coding because of it, but i came back two days ago and here I am finishing it today.

it was challenging my self and mind more than my skill, and i am happy to complete it.:grinning:

here is the link to codepen

Congratulations on finishing. World is full of starters, finishers are rare :slight_smile:

About your project - only thing I suggest to change is colors. There are too many. And they all are too different.

General rule is no more than three colors + white. Look at any popular site and see for yourself.

But your app is functional, layout is responsive, API is used so I would mark it completed and move on to the next project.

thank you so much,

I didn’t know about that rule, thanks for sharing that, i will keep it in mind.