Ideal monitor size for programming

Hi… One silly question :slight_smile:

I have a 24-inch monitor… but i want to get a 27 or 32 inch monitor for programming. I am not a gamer, neither i am going to be. I am just a normal programmer with python.

Do you think, 27 or 32 inches monitor should be better?


It’s a matter of personal preference and desk size. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything bigger than a 27"…maybe nothing bigger than a 24". I tend to use multiple monitors so size isn’t as important. I know some developers that prefer one really large monitor that they have divided into 2-4 workspaces. It’s just whatever you like.


Yeah, I was using a pair of 24s at work - they worked fine. Right now I have a 27 4k that work provided - very nice. I don’t know with monitor this big if 4k is necessary - maybe 2k or even 1080p would be OK? I don’t know. I also have an old pair of 22 1080p monitors I’m using along side the 27 - they are OK, but they seem small to me now. When I move in the next year, I’m thinking of 2X 27s and maybe a smaller vertical monitor for my emulator (I do mostly mobile work).


I’m going to agree with the sentiment here, I don’t think think actual size matters so much but definitely having multiple monitors makes work so much easier. Get as big as you can afford but definitely budget to get at least two of them.


This is one of those situations where bigger is better, but “better” doesn’t mean much more than more pixels sending light into your eyeballs.

I’d recommend getting the bigger one for no other reason than its bigger. When it comes to programming the bigger your screen means more characters you can see… but you can always scroll/search/find and you only are focusing on 1 line at a time anyways.

Another consideration, as mentioned above, is having multiple monitors means you can more easily organize your windows and sort them. Having a dual monitor setup can really help jump between multiple tasks as you can have multiple things “opened” at one time.

Ultimately the decision is up to you, as there are more considerations beyond just screen size. Stuff like how physically large the monitor is, power consumption, display features, and budget could all be a factor.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t a wrong answer :slight_smile:

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The size of the monitor should depend on the screen resolution you need.

Programming includes dealing with many small texts and visuals, so the PPI has to be high.

Suppose you consider a 27-inch monitor. I highly recommend that you get the one with atleast 1440p resolution for optimum clarity.

And if you consider any 32-inch monitor, then atleast 4K resolution is necessary for crispy and sharp results. You can refer to my article on my website for more insights on picking up a perfect monitor for programming.

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