Laptop advice please? 13 inches or 15 inches?

Hi, I am planning to buy a new laptop, and I am wondering what size is the best for the web development. 13 inched or 15 inches? I am thinking to get the dell x13 9365, but I read some people are saying that 13 inch is too small for web development. Some are OK to use 13 inches.

Which you rather use for your web development 13 or 15?
What laptop do you have and what do you like about it?

I would appreciate any information!

All other things being equal, I would definitely go for the larger screen.

Thank you for the reply. Are you using 15 inch laptop? Can you tell me why the larger one is better please?

My current laptop is a 14" screen. Whenever possible, I have it connected to a larger monitor. The biggest reason that I need more screen real estate is that I almost always want to have two windows open side-by-side, so my windows are usually only half the size of the screen.

OK, I see, thank you for your information.

It turns out that for web dev, you really need two monitors!!!
Yeah I know. Who would have thunk it!
I have a 15" laptop screen and it still sucks for web dev.
I need all the real-estate space for the code and all the real estate space for the browser!
Splitting one 15" screen in half just doesn’t cut it.

I used to have a few colleagues who had 2 monitors side-by-side and I always thought they were so weird for that, but now I wish I had that setup too.

So if you are gonna end up spending money on a larger laptop screen, maybe also investigate if it would be better to go for something smaller but pay for a docking station and large desktop monitor(s).
just a thought…

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OK, thank you for the reply. So you think 13 or 14 inches are better than 15 inches because end up using 2 monitors?

I would recommend you go for the 13 inch if it is cheaper. Not only that you can now code on the go, you also have spare money to invest in monitors. Be it up to me however, I don’t code on the go (yet), so I would rather buy a desktop computer, 2 monitors is a must ( I HATE shifting back and forth), and a good CPU to allow me to do other stuff like gaming.

But if all the 2 monitors talk doesn’t interest you, you should buy a 15 inch laptop and invest in Dreamweaver. It will replicate the two monitors by having your code and a browser replica side by side. You can also code on the go.

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yes essentially if you work from a desk, it is better to setup a large (or two large) monitors to use on a daily basis than pay extra for a laptop that still won’t give you enough screen to work with (even 15" is not enough).

I’m saying that as I type on my laptop of course, as in my case, sitting at a desk is just not my style (I prefer lounge coding!), but then, I don’t plan to be a serious front-end dev at the moment.

so desk or lounge chair? depending on your choice, make your decision…

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17" is a little too big for a laptop though? Actually 15" is as big as a laptop should ever get. Any more is just too big and probably too heavy as well. Although if you buy Dell’s 17" 2 in 1, you will have one huge tablet on your hands.

But i didn’t suggest that…
I was saying he had to choose based on what he plans to do and how he works.
Web dev needs a large monitor or preferably two.

No I meant anything above 15" on a laptop isn’t good should he decide to stick to buying a laptop. For the sake of a large screen. I wasn’t implying that this was your suggestion. :raised_hands:

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For me, the best setup is:

  • one monitor for the code, splitted into three sections (next steps / html code / css code)
  • one monitor with the result (e.g. the current project I’m building)

Because most of the time I work on the road,
I have a 17,3 inch laptop with me.
15 inch was too small without a monitor

i have 13 inch Macbook Pro and 23 inch Dell monitor next to it, and it is amazing!
but yea, 2 monitors are enough :slight_smile:
but, in the end, all of it depends on your preferences :slight_smile:

I see, seems like many using laptop and a monitor for the web development.
Good to know 13 inch is fine for you. Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the reply, good to know.

I use a 17. I just couldn’t do some things like React Native, where I need an emulator and some terminal windows without it. I love having that extra screen space. It’s a bit of a pain to haul around, but for more it’s worth it. I used to use a 15 and I could survive like that. I think a 13 would drive me crazy, but maybe that’s just me because a lot of good guys use them. It sure would be nice to haul it around and the battery life is probably better (I solved this by buying an extra battery) but for me the screen real estate is really important. Even with the 17, I still prefer getting home and using my monitor for a dual screen experience.

Thank you for the reply, seems like 2 monitor is common to use for web development. Good to know.

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Actually, I am female so, and small so I would rather have small laptop 13" is good size for me but seems like 15" is the best for the web development. Thank you for the suggestions.

Yeah, when I’m away, I just use the laptop. But at home, it’s great to plug into a big monitor and have the laptop window as a place to have my console windows and open up google searches, etc. I can do it without it, but it’s easier with it.