Ideas for my prac website

How do i add a logo i can make myself for a

My hobbies (for ex:)

element I have. I would like to create a custom logo and put it next to it how do i do that. Im doing this for a project.

here is it so far is there any way I can also add a background of such sort make it less plain this is just for an assignment could us ehelp tho th x anything appreciated . Im trying to make it funny and serious at the same time.

A logo is usually just an image so you can simply add an image like you already have.

When I am looking for a quick and easy background I use


All I have added is the <style> tags in the <head> to contain some styling on the <body> element

Also is there such a way to add custom font and if so how

Also what is the code for adding a custom background the process at lea st?

If you go through the CSS portion of the FCC curriculum it should teach you how to do all these things and more!