Quesiton on html

So I have just started to learn about html and am coding a very begnner website for our class in senior year , its very basic like i said she just wants us to add elements and create a link within the document, I was also wondering what are some ways I can impress m y teacher , I have already been coding with html and am somewhat familiar. She is making us use an online coding website though. What is it I can add to it to make it stand out and just look really cool, The primary focus of the website is just to tell about ourselves and what we are like. Any codes can use to impress people and make my website the very best along with my coding I have done so far.

im in highschool btw so I just want to make my site tand out mayb use it in a resume or something any advice would be great I want to make it like VERY GOOOD

If you want to impress and show off your html and css skills I would google search something like web designer portfolios and get inspirations off of that to build something creative.

will do sir thx much appreciated

Free Code Camp (the free online bootcamp which this for forum supports) starts with a pretty good basic HTML section. And the CSS section will help you customize it.