Ideas to write a resume with no experience

I just graduated college in BSC.IT, I have no portfolio or experience in any IT related field. Before I went to college I worked with a water company(still work there), so I combined school with work which wasn’t easy but I pulled through. Now I am looking to apply for a developer job, how do I go about my resume.


I really like this article.

This will help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks sir, already read it… its a very nice article.

Make sure to mention your FCC certificate and projects. A portfolio of projects can be really helpful while you have no professional experience to refer to. If you don’t have an portfolio on GitHub create one and host your projects there. Maybe this guide is useful for you

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With no professional experience, a portfolio is a almost mandatory. I would suggest you to start by building a strong portfolio, this way you can have a section of personal projects where you mention what you implemented in each of your projects and the tools that you used to build them.

Thanks, I was also wondering the same thing. Would ya’ll add to the resume previous employers that aren’t tech related?

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I’ve included <1 paragraph about previous employers on my resume. I’ve found it’s a good spot to keyword-match specific soft-skills included in the job ad e.g. work independently, work with a team, communication, etc.


Thanks, that’s a good idea. Spin-in and make it relevant some how.

Thank you so much sir, will definitely check the guide link up.

Thanks so much Gilbert, appreciated. Will start building my portfolio.

Does your school have any career or placement services? If it does, use them. They should be able to help you craft your resume and find a job.

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Resume is a presentation. Considering you don’t have a commercial experience you might show your study projects. Publish your code at github, make a screenshot. If you can up and run it publicly - do it.

If you did some coding while learning - publish and add a link in your resume.
If you watched a course and made some coding - publish and add a link in your resume.

You should recall to memory and add to resume any experience, that present you as a developer.

I think any study projects in development worth more than any non-related experience.

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Thanks @kinospro will start doing that .