Idk where to start on 'No Repeats Please'

i feel like i should loop it, then filter it. and finally maybe push. but i don’t know how to implement

ok i peaked at guide and understand i need regex but how do they get what the var regex ='s

try to frame the problem and describe a solution in everyday language without using programming constructs or terminology - often it helps to write the problem and solve for couple test cases on paper

once you have a general solution that works in a deterministic manner i.e. is repeatable by anyone blindly following the instructions then express the solution in programming terms - you’ll need variables to track quantities - arrays, maps, sets and objects for collections of things - loops for a repeatable progressive pattern of steps - functions for independent solutions of sub-problems


so after i declare the var’s it’s basicaly just permutations and heap’s algorithm then fill in the rest so it works . strings and objects

The idea is to solve the problem on your own - this means a complete general solution of your own without programming terms - then figuring out the programming constructs to express your solution in code - it’s great if you discover Heap’s algorithm on your own but chances are you will find a simpler and more straightforward algorithm to generate permutations

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