I'm 30, I don't have a degree in anything, and I feel discouraged

So I’ve been here since January of this year but I stopped with the challenges at close to 300 because Life happened.

I’ve been wondering if I should come back to CS/coding because after I recently turned 30, I realized I’ll be graduating around 35 years of age if I pursue my BS in CS, and I’m just not sure if I’ll be getting a job at that age as a new graduate. I could get a certificate at a local community college in Software Dev, I thought I could do that and then get a job while I finish my degree. Probably not, from what I’ve been seeing.

People say you can get a job without a degree in CS, but I don’t think that means you can get a job without any degree at all. People say you can build your portfolio and get a job, but I honestly don’t know how when all of the jobs I see ask for years worth of work history. People say they got a job after 4 months of FCC, but I can’t seem to figure this out on my own (without a tutor or instructor) and I really don’t feel like starting FCC all over again…


I’m almost 34. It took me several years of coding at night while working crappy day jobs to be employable. I’m just barely getting started on my career and I’m having a blast.

My advice – just keep going. Don’t quit. If you get busy for awhile, that’s ok - just never stop coming back here and working on projects. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…and another. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

All that pithy wisdom aside, it’s your grit and determination that is going to decide whether you succeed or fail.


You seem to be stuck in some very negative thoughts. No one can guarantee you a job, but I can say that you’re underestimating your chances using faulty logic. 35 isn’t too old, let alone 30. Not even close. Degrees help, but are they necessary? No. Do you really need all the years of experience on a job posting? No.

If you feel that you need some more personal instruction, consider starting up a local FreeCodeCamp group. Sometimes just learning with another person is enough. Otherwise, maybe a bootcamp would be right for you. Some have scholarships. Also check your local library for digital subscriptions to sites like Lynda.com or Treehouse. Never forget that there’s a community right here to answer your questions.

You are way more capable than you think.


You might find it helps to focus on the small goals that lead to the big goal, rather than just focusing on the big goal.

For example, “getting a job with no relevant qualification and no experience” is a really tough goal.

But, make a project in React; attend a meetup and talk to 3 new people; contribute to an open source project; send out your resume once per day… all of those are achievable within the timeframe of days and weeks, and all of them get you one step closer to the big goal.

Let the dream fuel you, but use the fuel to take one step at a time, not attempt spaceflight from scratch.


Also, read this thread:

If this guy can do it, so can you :slight_smile:

If I can. So can you


I just turned 30 in October, just got my first Web Developer job back in May. I have been learning to code on and off since the beginning of 2016. Started with no coding experience and no degree. I had 4 years of school (did not graduate).I juggled coding with a wife, a newborn and a full time job. If you need someone to talk to, advice or a mentor of sorts, I would be glad to talk with you.


I’m exactly the same age as you and probably have around the same amount of knowledge. My way of thinking about it is I can get rejected 199 times but I only need to land that one job and make it count. Hope you keep at it!


I’ll be 35 soon. Just started my web development career in the last 5 years. I did freelancing for a couple of years before I was offered an awesome full-time position. I do have a degree (a two-year degree in computer science), but my employer doesn’t even know that. They didn’t ask.


I think you can’t hurry about those things, you should get master at basic things first, FreeCodeCamp makes me hurry…nowadays my basic skills programming basics just not enough

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Heres a great way to find out!! start applying!! =) Something will happen, even if its not getting what you want right away, I assure you something will happen. Don’t stop @lazytechmom
Remember why you’re doing this. Remember that there is going to be a desert of desolation when you feel like you will NEVER catch a break! (Trust me, please.) But eventually, You will become more and more valuable to someone who you will stumble upon if you keep going down your path.

I let myself Stop coding and stop learning all together give up and beat myself up for not continuing… I was stuck dredging away in jobs I absolutely hated. watching a clock that I couldn’t make go fast enough. With people I didn’t know and didn’t care to know… Every day was an anxiety attack driving into work. But not any more… and the same Will happen to anyone. One day at a time, One hour at a time, one sweet beautiful nap at a time :wink:

“You dont have to be great to start. But, you have to start to be great.” and You’ve already started @lazytechmom Half way there =)


Hey!! Speak of the devil!! I used your YDKJS Study group video from youtube on Multiple occasions while working my crappy day job studying via audio even when I couldnt code it out!!

Glad to hear you’re making it! Thank you so much for that video!

All the more proof to keep going even when life gets in the way! I started Two years ago by the way


Hey!! Thank you for listening to it. I’m glad it helped! My new job, freelancing, wife and 2 year old take up my time now! But I might get back into it soon.


I am early 50’s and started FCC in June of 2017, I thinking as you are , no one will hire a new developer in his mid 50’s thats when I assumed I would complete FCC. I became discouraged and stopped coding, but continued to read books, watch videos and reading Medium posting about coding. Then I got an awakening , learn to code not for the sole purpose of getting a job , but to learn a new skill that could be used if the opportunity becomes available to voluntary help a non-profit with their webpage or I could create my own webpage projects Continue to code, you are younger than I am and have greater opportunities for employment.


I’m 32. Just got my first developer job this month, without a degree. 5 years ago I’ve only earned third of my current salary. Even if I am a “beginner” this year, in 5-10-15 years, if I’m good, I’ll still have a chance to double, maybe even triple my current salary as a senior. Now do your calculation, you still have 30-35 years to work. Just keep going and work hard, if you want this seriously, don’t let your brain go lazy. It’s not late at all.


Hmm, that’s interesting. I was truly getting bogged down with the job postings I was seeing. I do understand that whoever writes job descriptions is trying to weed out applicants, and I also see I shouldn’t let it deter me.

Actually, I do have a Lynda account through my local library and was listening to/coding along with some videos to warm myself up just now. I came here for a break from it. I’ll also admit I didn’t want to attend, much less start my own, FCC group! I didn’t want to be the only one there that knew nothing lol! Idk… maybe I will anyway.

Thank you for this!


Yes please, I would appreciate talking with you!

@CaBra503 THANK YOU. Thank you for your comment. I had a bout with a terrible job, and I stressed to the point of anxiety attacks as well. I never want that for myself ever again. EVER. I love that quote as well, I’ll keep it in mind.

@Daniel1 wow, you’re an inspiration. Honestly, that’s what I told myself yesterday. I’m doing this to learn and create a life for my family, and nothing worth it comes easy.

@IamFlok definitely have a good 3 decades to work, maybe even longer. Tech is a field that you can retire in and still create, ya know? That’s why I want to learn and keep learning.

Thanks everyone!! I don’t have many people in my life that inspire me to keep going, because people think I don’t need it and that I’m self-motivated all the time. I’ve had a tough year (2017 was literally the year of “No” for me) and I’ve been feeling down about it and having a negative outlook on everything (as you said @PortableStick). However, you all have helped me in more ways than you all can imagine; my mental state is a lot more positive today. Thanks again!!


I waited years to get into web dev because I thought I was “too old”. I know what it’s like seeing 16 year old prodigy kids being better than you might ever be, but those things aren’t important.

The only thing that matters is that you enjoy it.

If you enjoy learning and creating, then absolutely stick with it. Getting the first job is hard and it sucks, but its better to be in a field that you enjoy than giving up and working a career you don’t care about.


You can get a job without a HS diploma if you have the skills and experience. There will be some jobs that would be closed off to you. The more of a degree you have, more jobs will open up to you. But there will still be plenty that only want to see your portfolio and experience.

People say you can build your portfolio and get a job, but I honestly don’t know how when all of the jobs I see ask for years worth of work history.

Yep, that’s tough. But just because they ask for 3 years experience doesn’t they wouldn’t accept less for the right person. And there are ways to get experience without landing a FT web dev job with a company. Freelance work, internships, volunteering for non-profits, build apps, etc.


Would you mind posting a link to your YDKJS video? I’d like to have a look at it. Thanks much!