I'm dumb...sorry

So I do not know if I am just out of my league right now or if I am just a simpleton. I have had to look up the answer on most of the lessons leading up to this point. Is there another resource I can look at that dumbs down their explanation of javascript? lol

function convertToF(celsius) {
  var fahrenheit;
  // Only change code below this line
  // Only change code above this line
  return fahrenheit;

// Change the inputs below to test your code

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What did you do after looking at them? Copy paste the answer and move on?

I either understood it and felt dumb that I didn’t snap, or had no clue and tried to figure it out to no avail.

The fact that you understood part of it means that you get the feeling of it which is pretty important. The feeling of looking at a solution and going like “Ah that was it? I knew that! I thought of that” is familiar to everyone, believe me. But it doesn’t help much in the long term. Go back and retry those challenges. See if you really got it. You’ll go back and forth a lot while learning. Don’t expect to remember everyhing at once.

About the things you didn’t understand and moved on nevertheless, my opinion is that you are handling it wrong. Challenges are designed so each one adds up to the previews, and if you have gaps, they’ll come back to haunt you in later challenges.

Is it language related things that you don’t understand? Or programming in general?

Basically my knowledge is only HTML/CSS I am just trying to learn this and then move on to becoming familiar with backend dev. I agree 100% with you on not just blowing through it that’s primarily why I created this post I am having some “ah ha” moments but when getting to this lesson for instance I had no idea how to solve or code this to do what was asked.

My thought was convertToF = to somthing * x + 32;
but that seemed off to me.

Don’t be afraid to try stuff. Make a solution to your head then implement it. If it’s wrong you’ll find another way and if not, then look up the solution. Programming is a logic process, the obvious is probably the right thing :wink:

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