I'm finding JS hard

Hello guys hope you are staying healthy and having a good time.
I’m learning my first Programming Lang. JS on on udemy ( respect for fcc recourses ) , I learnt basics and dom , so now im at the small projects section, and It’s kinda hard and frustrating, like I’m trying to do the same project by myself but its so hard.

What should I do , continue the course or just repeat the course again from the beggining ?

Hello there @smeholli12 :wave:,

What I’m seeing here is that you’re just hitting a roadblock trying to implement a new thing on your project. This is normal and fine, I can assure you that all of us here has been through the same phase, where you learned everything really hard, but you can’t use it to your advantage.

If you’re hitting a roadblock, Google it. If you’re going into the coding field, trust me, you’re going to use Google more than you’ll ever know. It is your best friend. If you’re still not sure about it, just ask around. There is a huge community of developers out there that are willing to help you, including here.

Don’t ever give up. If you’re a little frustrated, take a break outside. Enjoy this summer. Don’t push yourself to hard. When you’re relaxing is when you start to get all these ideas on how to fix it, because your mind is clear and calm.

So I suggest, before restarting the whole course, try doing a simple Google. If you can’t find it or you’re just not sure, ask around here, I’m sure there is someone that will answer you.

Hope this helps,
Remember to Stay Safe, and Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:



Hey, I can help you with JS. I have a lot of experience and can be your tutor for free


It’s supposed to be hard. By all means refresh the basics, but don’t just redo them: they’ll be much easier than before and it’ll feel good, but you’re not likely to learn much more. You need to be in a position where you are consistently doing challenging things, testing yourself. Practise the basics as a warm-up, not as the focus (the algorithm problems are good for this). And practice breaking down problems to their smallest, simplest parts


Whether you should restart the course or keep trying depends on what exactly you find hard. If you find it hard to write something on your own, I’d suggest going over the courseware again or trying to do several tutorials that create something using JS.

If you’re finding it hard to design a project and then implement it due to the sheer size of that task, break it up into manage-able chunks (you can split the tasks till you are left with something that can be done using a single line of code, then just complete a bunch of lines and see if you can make it into a function that does one thing and does it well, then see if you can combine several functions into a block of functionality and so on).

If you’re struggling with something specific and you know how it should work, then you should try to google how to implement this specific thing (but you need to know how to spell it in a way that google understands so you get relevant results… praying is said to help because lately google tries to sell you stuff instead of finding what you want… oh, and NEVER search anything negative, it will try to cheer you up instead of finding a solution to a problem, best search results I had started with “how to”, instead of “I cannot”).

Having a mentor / tutor sometimes helps. From my personal experience: I had tutors in several disciplines in University (and some at school) and that really helped me excel in those topics. But, at the same time, I never had anyone to teach me programming, so I learned everything by myself. Internet and a few good books really helped.

So if you can, get a mentor. That should help with parts you don’t understand (I’m mentoring yet another student right now, they say it helps a ton). Just make sure you put enough effort in, so it isn’t like your mentor does everything for you. That would be counter-productive in the long run.

Also, if you’re stressed, take a break. A few days or a week should suffice. If you get back to it and become stressed again, think whether you want to program in JS. Try another language, like Python or Java.

In the worst case, think of a different profession. Programming is a niche job, it isn’t for everyone. Some people are better in sales, others in sciences. You can always take a break, try something new, then come back to programming. If you take breaks in learning, it helps in figuring things out (at least sometimes). If you decide to keep on programming - that is awesome. If you decide to do something else - that is also awesome. Do what you enjoy. And have a great day!