I'm going to make a lot of reviews, I just need your URL and permission

Hello everybody,

I want to do some reviews/give feedback to your front-end projects.

I think this is helpful for both of us.


  • Will have a better final project
  • Will have better code (think about readability, KISS, DRY-don’t repeat yourself)
  • Will learn || get better with some UI key concepts


  • Will learn to pay attention to the details
  • Will sharpen my coding/UI skills
  • Will get better at coding/UI reviews

The way it’s going to work is:

  • You my friend --> Share your URL here.
  • And I will -->
    a.Contact you
    b.Do a short live stream on my youtube channel with your project

About me: :blush:
I’m Eleftheria and I’ve done quite a few projects from freeCodeCamp and for the last 2.5years I’ve been working as an app developer and also I’m currently doing a 3years master focused on UX/UI.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask!
Thanks :slight_smile:


sounds cool i like watching reviews on peoples work so i subbed your your youtube channel

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Hello @EleftheriaBatsou, Just one question, do I share just one or all of them? (technically I have just done two on the responsive web design projects.)

@EleftheriaBatsou Why not just create reviews of projects posted in the Projects Feedback category? Why does the user have to fill out information on a Google Sheet?

All the users who post topics in the category I mention above, are requesting feedback.

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As much as you want! I don’t mind :slight_smile:

:wave: Hi there,
I asked to share the url in the google sheet so I can manage everything better (in case a lot of people would be interested in that).

Also, I like creating youtube videos and I think I’m better at ‘talking’ rather than ‘writing’. In the videos, I can show directly what I mean and I can definitely go easier through an explanation whereas in other cases, it takes more time to write it, structure it, make sure that I point to the correct code/function/element. Also, a video can be more interactive, for example, I can look into the code and make a change on the fly… whereas through text is a bit harder.

Personally, I find videos more helpful…
If a fellow freeCodeCamp-coder asks me for a review and she/he has also posted on the ‘Feedback’ category, I can also share the URL there.

Because the google sheet is available to everyone, maybe somebody doesn’t feel comfortable enough, but in that case, she/he can leave me a comment and I’ll hide the URL.

If there are any other concerns please let me know.
Thank you.

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The line that reads, “Do you mind sharing your work with the world … Please say No!” could be cleared up. I know many people that would say “yes” when they mean it is okay, and some that would follow the logic and say “no” when they want to say it’s okay. Quite honestly, I hear people state it wrong a majority of the time.

To avoid confusion, make it direct, something like: “Do I have your permission to share your work in places where I post reviews and suggestions?”

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You 're right!
Thank you so much for the suggestion.

I just changed it :slight_smile:

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