I'm learning a lot, but feel lost

My end goal is to apply to Junior .Net developer/C# Web developer jobs as soon as possible.

I’m currently teaching myself through a programming oriented online book (with lectures) with C# as the example language.

So far I have covered and done problems on the following Chapters:

-Primitive types and variables
-Operators and Expressions
-Conditional statements
-Loops , nested loops
-Arrays , multidimensional arrays
-Recursion (briefly)
-Creating and Using Objects

Chapters left on this course:

-Exception Handling
-Strings and Text Processing
-Defining Classes
-Text Files
-Linear Data structures
-Trees and Graphs
-Dictionaires, Has-Tables and Sets
-Data Structures and Algorithm Complexity
-OOP Programming Principles
-High quality programming code
-Lambda Expressions and LINQ
-Methodology of Problem Solving

-3 Programming Exams.

Things that the university that created the free book above offer to teach as a paid course of 22 months to then
secure a job as a C# Web Developer including the things covered above:

  • SQL language, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework Core, JSON and XML
  • ASP.NET Core MVC , Web Apps with Databases, Web API and REST services
  • HTML and CSS, Javascript Front-End, JS Objects and Classes, jQuery, DOM and AJAX, REST, JSON and SPA

My questions are:

Should I be learning some of those alongside the list of things I’m studying above or do them after I have completed that list of chapters?

Would I need to cover all of those extra modules/languages to apply for and have a decent chance at securing a job?

Where would be the best places to learn some of them?

At which point can I start to build projects towards my portfolio?
(How many of these extra languages do I need to have studied?)

If anyone could suggest a specific path for me that would really help, as at the moment I’m learning a lot and consolidating my learning with problems, but not having done any projects and knowing exactly where I’m heading next is stressing me out a lot.

Appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

If you want to get a job ASAP, then a tip I can give is to decide whether you want to focus on the front-end or back-end of web development. You can go for full-stack as well, but that would take a bit longer. Have a look at this post Full stack development This post gives a good idea of what front and back-end development looks like. You are learning C# , so a suggestion would be to learn what you need to know about C# for the web, have a look at how HTML/CSS/Javascript work to get an overview of how the data would be displayed. You can do this by going through the basic HTML/CSS/Javascript tracks on freecodecamp. And then build the projects listed in the freecodecamp curriculum back-end part to put in your portfolio.

Take note this is one of the many paths you could take, but I think it is worth considering. All the best.

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Thank you so much for the comprehensive answer Bernardo, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this.

I read the article it is very informative and something I definitely needed to read.

It makes sense to focus front-end or back-end if I want get a job asap, and then I can decide if I want to specialise into something different from there.

I will follow your advice and look into HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then work through them on freecodecamp.

Kind Regards,

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