What should I learn next?

I’m currently working as a Frontend Developer and looking for new opportunities. I started learning Next.js and Typescript and Tailwind, because I saw a lot of companies recruiting developers with Next.js experience. I’ve been trying to get a new job as a React/Next.js Developer for the past 2 months but I haven’t been able to land any interview or get hired.

I’m currently focusing on learning more about Next.js, Typescript, and backend using Node, Express, authentication and MongoDB. Is there anything else I should try to work on like AWS so that I might have a better chance of getting hired?

Most of the time, dev teams understand that an applicant is unlikely to have experience in every piece of technology that they use. It’s more valuable to have strong core skills and experience in similar/related technology than it is to have superficial knowledge of specific libraries/frameworks/toolchains. Based on what you’ve described, I would focus on getting stronger in fullstack development using whatever stack you are most comfortable with.

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Try C# and ASP.NET Core and look if that is a fit for you.
You can learn it for free here:

I’m currently switching to the C suite (C, C#, C++), Recruiters in Germany are complaining that the majority of new devs are coming with the exact same skill set (JS/React/etc) and it’s becoming hard to find capable C developers.
Maybe it’s the same in your country.

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I’m comfortable working with Javascript for the backend, but looking at the reply underneath, I think it might be worth exploring .NET and learning C# so again I’m confused as to which route to take. I actually want to be a game developer by I don’t have a PC to start learning game development and creating a few games. So I want to switch to a better job so that I can use the money to build a PC and move to game development

This sounds like a good advice. Thanks for the link to the course

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