Next Steps After Completing MERN Stack: Seeking Advice on What to Learn Next

I’ve completed the MERN stack through freeCodeCamp and am actively working on MERN stack projects, which I push to GitHub. However, I’m uncertain about what to learn next. I’ve heard various suggestions, including learning relational databases, exploring PHP/Laravel, or diving into C# and . NET. Should I continue focusing on MERN and build more projects, or should I explore new languages and frameworks? I could really use some advice. Thank you!

Re-start from scratch

  1. Building projects based on just HTML and CSS ( refer to front end mentor )

  2. Repeated above step for JS and React etc ( refer to front end mentor website )

  3. Make sure to keep pushing code to GitHub each day while building projects

Building projects is 100X more effective than just learning.

But if you feel confident that you’ve already built enough projects, then start applying for internship / jobs

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Congratulations on completing the MERN stack courses. You will determine the next step, what is your goal? Dive into ML? AI? DevOps? Backed? Databases Admin? if your goal was completing the MERN stack, well done on achieving it, you can familiarize yourself with a different stack. All these things entirely depend on what you want to achieve.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am currently applying for internships and jobs, but unfortunately, I am receiving a lot of rejections. It seems like I need to expand my skill set beyond MERN. I am a bit confused about what to learn next. I have been considering learning C#, but I am not sure if it is the right choice for me. My ultimate goal is to enter the tech industry, whether it be as a junior frontend, junior backend, or junior full-stack developer.

Thank you for your message. I am interested in frontend development, but I am also curious about backend development. I am wondering if I should focus on building more projects using the MERN stack and learning about authentication and JS tokens, or if I should try to learn different programming languages to increase my chances of landing an entry-level position or internship.

Did you check JD for these jobs for which you had applied and got rejected ?

Have you got good projects to showcase which are available on GitHub to review ?

Build some stuff using what you know. Learning more arbitrary language and frameworks might useful, it might be fun: if you want to do that do that. But learn with the intention of actually building things you want to build. The problems will often stay exactly the same, regardless of language. Learn stuff you need to build a thing you want to build.

Jumping around tutorials will feel pretty good, because you’ll be learning the same basics every time, but you shouldn’t really want to keep learning the same basics.

Look here:

Also, minor, but:

Every job I’ve ever had that hasn’t been purely frontend has just assumed I at least know the basics of SQL. Kinda like knowing how to use HTML. Might just be my experience, but I feel like it is a very basic skill. Don’t have to be a wizard

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I did check the job description when applying. I knew I wouldn’t get the job, but I just wanted to see if I could land an interview. However, most of the job openings were suitable for an entry-level position that matched the work I have done. I didn’t match all the requirements listed in the job description, but I did match a good amount of them. I have a decent amount of work done on GitHub. However, I think I need to work on better projects.

did you find C# in any of those JD ?

Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look at the video you sent.

Yes, few of them have knowledge of C#.