What should be the next step after learning mern

Hi, I have recently completed a udemy course on web development angela yu’s and there i learned about mern stack and i have also build projects along side the course and i build a project after completing the coursej on my own. So, now i am wondering what should be my next step? should i build projects further or just move into other stacks like devops or should i further enhance my skills into it?

The next step would be to build an ambitious project of your own (your own idea, your own design and implementation), in MERN.

Lean on chatgpt to provide feedback on your code, suggest refactors and explain concepts.

Basic aspects of devops you will do naturally in the course of deploying projects, but you don’t need to be an expert in this. It’s a separate job.

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It doesn’t even need to be that ambitious. I think you will find building even a simple project using the same technologies as taught surprisingly challenging unless you took a lot of time when learning to really understand the concepts by testing and playing around with your own code.

Code-along projects are fine but most people are taken aback by how much more difficult it is to do on your own without any handholding.

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