From here to where?

Hi, I am a software developer (ASP.NET MVC 5) with 2.5 years of experience. Now I want to become a full Stack JavaScript Developer (MERN), during learning from Tutorials on FCC YouTube’s channel, I realized that I am stuck in a Tutorial Hell and I don’t find any platform where I can learn complete MERN Development via Tasks and Challenges. If anyone can assist in what path should I follow? Thanks.

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the freeCodeCamp curriculum is a good place:

interactive challenges, and then projects at the end of each certificate

if you think you are pretty good with a certain topic you can just do the projects at the end of each certificate, those are the only mandatory part to get a certificate, and you are expected to start from scratch and do them on your own.

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Thanks @ieahleen . But as I am trying to market myself, I have to develop portfolio projects as well. Can you suggest me at what level a person should be able to start developing whole projects and what sort of projects are great to showcase skills? Thanks.

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Hey there @baqarmangrani !

I’m only just learning JavaScript, but I do have some advice for you, since we both don’t really know JavaScript, I would ask you to look at your years with C#, when did you feel comfortable developing small websites or programs, as far as I know the best time to make projects when you have enough knowledge.

In this case doing the small projects might be important to get to those bigger portfolio items, I wouldn’t skip them. If you don’t do these smaller projects under the pretense of wanting bigger projects you might find yourself missing something when doing the bigger projects, worse, you might find yourself in tutorial (insert here) again.

But that’s my advice and I honestly haven’t done much in terms JS myself, just coming up on 80% of the basic JS portion.

Hope this helped!

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I’m also learning the MERN at the moment, and this is one of my resources:
No need to sign up if you’re just interested in going through the tutorials and exercises.

It’s high quality content, but a tough pace, and depending on your current knowledge, you might have to stop for a while and find other resources until you catch up.

you asked about a curtriculum, the freecodecamp is such a curriculum.

You can start at any level to build projects, the more you know, the more complex the projects can be.

if you want feedback on the projects you have build so far you can ask on #project-feedback subforum for feedback

Thanks @ieahleen @jsdisco @Cy499_Studios

One other good way to improve your skills is to be involved in some real project. Opensource projects like FCC projects are worth trying in that sense. In a job, you will basically be put into some real world project and be given tasks to do. Why not start doing that as early as possible ?

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