I'm looking for some feedback in my first FCC project

Hey there pals, I’d love if someone could gave me some feedback in the tribute page i just completed…
Honestly it took me more time to get the information collected (90% of the time) to the page than actually building the website layout (10% of the time) but i am pleased with my final product ;D

P.S.: I may do some changes in the future, specially if there is some feedback expressing something is wrong xP

You did a very nice job! I also took a longer time pulling the content together. The only thing I noticed is that the site is not responsive. When I make the browser window the size of a phone the content doesn’t respond correctly.

Yeah i didn’t got that far hehehe

I’m first doing all the challenges until i reach the Front End Certificate, then i will get back to all my projects and work the responsiveness… Thanks for the feedback! ;D