Looking for feedback on my Tribute Page and wondering how it is... graded? judged?

Hi there,

I started FCC two weeks ago and just completed my first project, the Tribute page. It would be great to get some feedback. Here’s the link:

Some background:
The last time I came anywhere near code was 20 years ago when there was only HTML. In other words, I’m pretty much a newbie. As the different languages/frameworks are so intertwined it’s a bit confusing at first what controls what and how. So I started with simple HTML and worked from there. Added Bootstrap and some CSS styling based on what I wanted to see.I kept the page set-up vertical to focus on the basics: font, spacing, alignment, etc.

Can someone explain how FCC determines whether a project is completed to satisfaction or not? Just curious what happens after you click “project completed” on FCC.

Thanks all!


Graded and judged…sounds so harsh! I prefer plain ol feedback lol Your page looks great, esp for not having touched HTML in 20 years! Yeah, a couple of things have changed eh? lol but you’ve got this…I really love the typeface you chose too.

The only things Id suggest really would be to wrap your content in a div and then give it a fixed width, so that it doesnt spread out across the page, but then to give it a max width of 100% so that it will scale down for mobile view.

So as far as FCC as long as you at a minimum satisfy the user stories, then you are good to go. So make sure the functions it requires are in there, and that also you use good standard practice when coding, and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Hi Candice, thanks for the feedback! Yes, it has all changed and def for the better! I have a background in design (architecture) and am used to Adobe suite programs and AutoCad so I’m still getting used to designing (solely) through typed instructions. It’s like solving a puzzle and my brain has gotten a bit lazy in terms of problem solving I’ve noticed…:sleeping::flushed:
Thanks for the tips, I’m going to implement them on the tribute page… the page needs some tweaking…

Haha well think of it this way, they say solving puzzles help keep the brain sharp… so code for your health! :smiley: You really are off to a great start though, and that your background is in design, you’ll have an eye for layout and structure which will help a lot with front end work.

Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

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