Looking for feedback for my first web-page project (Tribute Project)

Hey campers,

I just finished my first project here on FCC, and I was looking for some feedback.


The layout is nice.
Stylistically, I prefer to see a page stick with one font throughout. I find it a little hard to read because of the black background. I would recommend dark text on a lighter background instead.
It’s neat how you added a navigation pane. Taking that idea one step further, how about adding a BACK TO TOP link at the bottom of each section?

@JaceyBennett Thank you for your feedback which is very useful.
I changed the background color as well as editing the font style
for the third advice I think because the page is quite short it’s not needed
I will be grateful if u take a look at the changes as well as my second project “portfolio” which I didn’t submit

Thanks !!