I'm stuck at Arithmetic Formatter

In Arithmetic Formatter that the first project of Scientific Computing with Python, I’m stuck.

I don’t know why but I can’t get the result that the system want. It is looks like the same but it gaves me 6 errors. Can you tell me where I’m doing wrong please?

the replit link of my code;
(boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter - Replit)

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

Link to the challenge:

Take a look at the test error output:

-   3801      123
?            -
+   3801     123    
?               ++++
- -    2    +  49
?            -
+ -    2    + 49    ...

- indicates the expected line, + indicates line that was returned by function and ? indicates specific position where something isn’t right.

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Thank you soo much, I didn’t know that, I will check again.

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