Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

I don’t know how to run the tests correctly, because the output appears to work but all the tests fail.

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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They are run correctly. Output might appear to be similar to what is expected, but it’s not exactly the same.

Tests are very precise regarding what should be returned by function. Try going through them one-by-one, as single specific issue might be exposing itself in multiple tests.

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Thanks for responding. I managed to solve some tests but the arrangement tests are still failing.

The position of the problems seems right but I am not able to figure out how to solve these kinds of error messages:

To get this project right do I need to have a 100% of passed tests or is somebody going to check my code?
Thanks in advance.

Line with - indicates the expected line. Line with + indicates line returned by function.
Line starting with ? shows at what position exactly is something differing.

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Thanks for everything @sanity . :partying_face:


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