Image link address

how do i get the image link for my pens? when i right click on the screenshot it doesn’t have an option to copy the image on any of my pens

As far as I know there isn’t an “image link” created by CodePen.



I’ll figure something out. do they need be saved somewhere else for me to access them in that regard?

i’m working on building a portfolio project. to this point i was just making sure i got all the concepts down and checked off all the user stories along the way. i’ll just add some random images. so, i can keep pushing through

i came here via the odin project and decided to do the projects for extra learning because they said it wasn’t required. the odin project has a lot of projects there for me to work on as well but i wanted the completion certificate here. also, it’s fun and challenging. i’ll be coming here more for sure along the way. everything in the odin project gets saved to github, which i have a lot to learn about as well.