Image processing website

Hello !

I wanted to ask which programming languages should I use to create an image processing website. I know I have to use HTML5 and CSS3 but for the rest I have no idea.

Thank you in advance for your answers ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Like this website (but simpler lol) --> Fotor Editor | Fotor - Éditeur de photos en ligne

Well, to create the website, it’s going to be HTML, CSS, and JS - everything on the frontend of a website can only be those three things.

For the actual image processing, options would be a library or a backend service - or a combination. Maybe there is already a library you can implement in JS. Or maybe you write one. Maybe there is a backend service. Or maybe you write one. Any library would need to be in JS. A b/e service I would assume would want to be something faster, like C or C++. But since the site you are referencing is doing it in real time, I assumed that it was a library. But then again, there seems to be a lot of network traffic as I’m doing things so maybe there is a back end. Of course, that back end may itself use a library to do what it needs to do.

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Oh, thank you very much
It’s much clearer know.
I think I’ll look for a library because I’m almost a beginner. :sweat_smile: