Images are not displaying!?! (please help I have been trying to figure this out all day)

Ok, I can’t seem to get my images to display right, I have tried both Unsplash and pixabay for images. On my screen it looks like this:

but on other people screens it looks like this:

heres my code so far:

Looks like pixabay does not allow 3rd-party host referrers.

Use instead.

@SarahTheTomboy You can get this working by just replacing https to http in image path, like shown below.


i dont see a difference in the links can you explain?

do i just upload the pixabay image to here?

Oh my bad, I just updated my earlier reply. Basically, https will need to be replaced with http

does it work?:

Yes, it is working fine for me.

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Yup, it’s working now.

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