Adding images from another website

Im having trouble adding images period! I did it on on the html challenge put to it on codepen I’m failing.
Im doing it as in the src i’ve tried directly from the website adding the photos to flickr and facebook and adding in the htttp from those sites. what am i doing wrong? Thanks!

Can you type in the code that you entered?

Yep, it would be great to see some code first :wink:

Use https:// instead of htttp

Yes, Srinivas beat me to it.

In codepen, you have to use https. If you open up your browser console (ctrl-shft-j) you’ll probably see a “mixed content” error or something like that. Codepen is https (secured) and doesn’t like you accessing unsecured (http) sites. This is probably the problem. Use https in the link to your pic.

As the others have said, you will get more and better responses if you show us the code you are trying to do. Either provide a link to the pen or cut and paste the code (Putting three backticks on the line above and the line below the code block so it looks purdee.) You’ll get much better responses.