How can I add my website?

Good day,

Please I need how I can add my image or any other type of image to my tribute page.

Need your support. Thanks!

<img src="" alt="">

Add this element to your html wherever you want the image. You can set the src to web address of whatever image you want to pull from the web. If you are trying to use an image on your own computer, you can’t do that on the free version of There is a paid premium version that allows you to upload assets like images.

You can use if your adding it to your HTML page. If you want to add a background-image use background-image: url(" "); in your CSS page.

@Jordan T0724 Thanks

I used the same tag

I think where I am not getting it is how to reference it.
I went to and saved my image on album there but can’t get how to create a folder where I can reference the image as “.jpg”.

Please, how do I go about this?

I await your support house.

If the image is uploaded to, then just copy the URL of that image and paste it inside src attribute. Get the URL by right clicking on the image and choose copy image address. Hope it helps…

You can use the link of an image directly. that should be the link of the image and should end with the picture extension(like .jpg or something), not the link of the picture embedded in any gallery.

Better way is, open a new folder in the folder where the html and css file is, save or move the picture in that folder, refer the name within the ‘src’ tag. For example:

img src=“images/yourimage.jpg” alt=“any-text”

And you can keep your images in computer like this: