Images in a bootstrap's row

Hi, people. I have an question about image height. How can i set images height in a row to respect the lower value, but not manually setting it (for keeping the web responsive)?

Thanks for reading, guys.

EDIT: I gonna make a better description of the problem.

What i want:

My try:

I hope this can clarify what i am talking.

Is this what you are looking for??

Hello, David. No, maybe i dont describe very well my problem. I gonna edit the post.

Sorry my friend , maybe i don’t have a good understanding.hope others can help.

Well, I know there is an attribute in CSS called min-height that can be implemented and the page will respect that and never make it smaller.

Also, if we are declaring a height for images, using percentages instead of pixels makes keeps it more ‘responsive’.

*Disclaimer: I haven’t reached this project yet but I did finish two HTML/CSS classes at CodeAcademy.

The problem is that if i apply that attribute, the smaller images gonna be streched. I dont want that happens. I am starting to think this need a js solution, because for each row the high of the smallest image is different, and it’s different every time the screen scale if the site gonna be responsive.

If you resize your image before you put it on your web site it shouldo work… in the example you gave all the images have the same height.

But i want the website do that in a dinamic way.

Well, people. Thanks for all the replies. I gonna finished this work in a simpler manner. It’s just the freecodecamp’s html and css challenge. You can close this topic. Regards.