Tribute page: feedback and issue with image heights

Hi. So I finally completed my first project (sort of). One issue that I know about, but don’t know how to fix it, is different heights of the images. I’ve searched online for solutions, and can solve it using fixed size images, but not the responsive images. Does anyone know how can you make responsive images to be the same height? Also any other feedback on my project would be much appreciated.

Here is the link:

I can’t see a URL of your project, so I need to guess. :slight_smile:

If you are working with bootstrap framework, you should use the .img-responsive class to make the imgs responsive and then you can make a second class for imgs “.img-second” and give this class to all the imgs with a different height. why should your imgs be a different height? Try to think from a mobile perspective when designing.

Sorry:) The link is now included :slight_smile:
Also here:

ok, thanks. I’d suggest making them all the same size original version with Photoshop or you can make a class for img .img-second and give them a height in the class. And please use Read-Search-Ask-Method first.

Thanks. I used Read-Search-Ask first :slight_smile: And found solutions with giving the fixed heights trough classes or individualy. But then it looses responsiveness. So it seems there is no simple trick to adjust height and keep responsiveness. I think I’ll take your advise to use the Photoshop . Thanks for that!

there are plenty of fixes for this problem. I’d go with photoshop. You could also go with “width”/“heigth” in %.

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