one letter name

resp_code, mails =, '(FROM "a")')

I want to search emails from a specific one letter named user, “a”.


Problem is, search results cause all users with an “a” as part of there name to be returned.

Any way to isolate the search to one letter name?

just use a regular expression to do it
look up the ‘re’ python library

Hello @hbar1st
The ‘re’ is having no effect on my searches, a{1} should result in, no more then 1 character, and that character should be “a”.
Am I understanding it correctly? Is there a syntax issue below?

resp_code, mails =, '(FROM "a{1}")')


{m} Specifies that exactly m copies of the previous RE should be matched; fewer matches cause the entire RE not to match. For example, a{6} will match exactly six 'a' characters, but not five.

sorry I’m not familiar with the search function you are using. I was just suggesting that you utilize the regular expression library in python to do the string matching

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