Img responsive?

Going through the exercises, I am a total noob.

I’m at the exercises that have ‘class=img-responsive’ added as a line next to img (adding of image on browserpage).

My question is, nowhere in the document ‘img-responsive’ has been identified.
I know they’re writing something about bootstrap, and when I research, it appears to be some form of additional coding.
Am I correct to assume, if I’d be coding a blank HTML page, that the ‘img-responsive’ would refer to a file outside my HTML file, containing additional code?
And if so, why not code it within the main html?

Just trying to wrap my head around it all…

Seems like it’s similar to a ‘stylesheet’?

you are correct. Class img-responsive is defined in bootstrap.css

bootstrap is like a collection of predefined CSS rules attached to specific class names. You add one of the bootstrap class names to an element and it takes care of the CSS for you. Of course you can still change CSS of an element on your own if you dont want exactly what bootstrap gives you.

There is more to bootstrap than this, its an HTML/CSS/Javascript framework, but for simplicity sake, you can think of it like this until you learn more advanced features

At least thats my impression of it, I will admit I am pretty new to this all myself.

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