Implementing reCAPTCHA on Github Pages?

Hello! I have a contact form that I have set up on my static Github Pages site using EmailJS. I want to implement reCAPTCHA on the form, so I attempted to register a new site on the Google reCAPTCHA website.

This is an example of what happens:

It says: “The following domain is invalid: A valid domain requires a host and must not include any protocol, path, port, query or fragment.”

I have also attempted, which failed (I obviously don’t own Github Pages as a whole). I also attempted the complete url to my specific Github page site, which of course doesn’t work.

How can I enter my Github Pages domain on the form in a way that will satisfy reCAPTCHA’s requirements?
Thank you so much!

a valid domain…must not include any protocol

https is the protocol, it’s telling you not to include that

I tried and it still says the same thing.

OH I get what you’re saying. I just removed the http part entirely and put It worked!! Thank you so much! :grin: :clap:

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