Import fonts not loading, help?

recently moved my codepen code to VS, as im getting prepared to deploy. making final adjustments and i noticed that my font import doesnt work anymore like it did in Pen.
here is the code for the import:

@import url(//;
@font-face {
    font-family: "papyrus";
    src: url("//");
    src: url("//")

of course, the then utilized font family “papyrus” is applied to where i want it and kaboom, should work like before. only in VS does it refuse to pull it up. i even tried downloading it and installing it locally, then changing the “src” to its local location, as well as many other snippits listed online (which are all the same really), no avail. after a few hours on Stack and Github, im finally asking to live people. any ideas why VS isnt working with it? from what i read, the string of URL’s is to be compatible with all browsers etc, so that’s why they are all there, and that DID work in Pen too.

thanks so much,

Installing the Live Server extension and serve the page.

well damn that one was too easy LOL, thanks for helping a newb!