Importing Survey Form project into Visual Studio Code

So just to familiarize myself with the platform, I thought I would take the code that I did have with the survey form project and copy it over to Visual Studio Code, and continue to edit and experiment with it from there. So I have the css file as well as the html file code copied over successfully, however, when I open a live server so I can see my page edits in real time, it does not display at all how it displayed inside the freeCodeCamp preview…Is there something different going on that I don’t know about? I mean, obviously there is, but I was just curious if anyone had some insight into what might cause that? I’m confident there’s errors in the code but I just didn’t know why it would display differently on the actual page when imported into Visual Studio.

Well, I might have figured this out almost immediately. I ran the code through an html validator and got several errors, which I expected, but upon fixing one of them it seems to have solved the issue with the background color of the page body. I guess I still don’t understand why it showed the correct background color despite my error in the freeCodeCamp ui…

browsers are weird. (short answer)

Longer answer:
The people who made the browser probably anticipated that the internet is full of badly formed html. They tried to compensate when they saw the missing tag.

That makes sense…I was able to sort some of it out by fixing errors but I guess I need to play with it some more.

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