Improve Accessibility of Audio Content with the audio Element (audio tag)

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I can’t pass the challenge. It says “Make sure your audio element has a closing tag” but I have a closing tag in my code.

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    <h1>Real Coding Ninjas</h1>
    <p>A sound clip of Zersiax's screen reader in action.</p>
    <audio id="meowClip" controls>
<source src="" type="audio/mpeg" />

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This could be a bug dear, not so critical.

Seems FCC test is so syntax strict.

I realized if you remove the id="meowClip" from opening audio tag, it passes.

Keep going on good work. Happy programming

I did have the same issue with the audio element lately. we can’t add any more than what it is asked for. you need to take out the close tag from source src and id as well.

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<audio  controls>
<source src="" type="audio/mpeg" >

It worked. Thank you! I appreciate your help.

Thank you! That worked perfectly!