In need of some help with the media queries if anyone understands it!

the last thing i need to do for my project is the media queries section which is changing the screen size to fit both a laptop and a tablet (I’ve been given the length and width) but i don’t know what to do first and if its even working. could someone please give me a checklist on what to do because its the last thing i need to do for this to be complete for my website!
Many thanks!

I would start with the narrow (or mobile) view. Without using any media queries, make sure your project looks good in the narrow view. You can do this by narrowing your browser as skinny as it will go and then style it so everything is visible and there are no horizontal scroll bars. This will be your default CSS. Then after you have the narrow view completely finished you can widen your browser and use media queries to make the necessary changes for the wider view.

please can you give me a step by step guide on what i need to do to change the sizes to both a laptop in landscape and portrait and a tablet in landscape? I’m also reviewing my lecture slides on media queries but i don’t know how to implement it into my HTML and its stressing me out.

did you happen to have a look at this “css-tricks” article? if not try give this a go, happy reading A Complete Guide to CSS Media Queries | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

thanks for the link! ill get to reading it

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