Survey form project, need help with responsive design

Hi! i am doing my Survey form project. Everything seems to be working fine until i try to rezise it to mobile, the @media query doesnt readjust the size of my container on my phone, but it seems to work well when i make my screen smaller on my pc, i tried lots of things but dont know what to do! if anyone could help me with that i would love it <3<3.
Thank you all! have a nice day :3

This is my recommendation. Narrow your browser as far as it will go and style your page to look good at that width. There should be no horizontal scroll bar. Once you have it the way you want it, then slowly widen the browser looking for the natural break point where you can spread things out a little if needed.

This is the mobile first approach. The default CSS is for the narrow width and then the media break point is used for extra styling at wider widths. Don’t worry about specific devices right now. If you do it right your design should look good on any device. That’s the whole point of responsive design, because it is impossible to test all devices and it would be a nightmare to try and target CSS to all the different devices out there.