Including Bootstrap source files github project?

:smiley: hello,
Does anyone know how to best add Bootstrap source files to a github project?

Normally I use cdn links, but as I’m overriding default Boostrap breakpoints I need to add Bootstrap as a download locally. So with the downloaded Bootstrap source files folder that works, I was able to override default Bootstrap breakpoints like so

@import "bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";

But now I don’t see how to make this work in a github project without uploading the entire Bootstrap folder. I tried and it was too unwieldy.

Any ideas?

Download the ‘bootstrap’ folder, unzip in the same folder with other css files, and add the following code line to link to it:

<link href="./css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet">  the bootstrap files are put in css folder in the example
<script src="./js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> the bootstrap scripts are put in js folder in the example

Upload all your folders and files to GitHub repository.

I’m having some trouble understanding what you meant?
Did you mean that I should upload the bootstrap zip folder to github and extract it in my githup repo? Because I saw no way to unzip it ?

Could you please explain?

I’m still stuck on this. I’m trying with git and github desktop (both new to me in use) and I’m having no luck.
I probably should follow some git and github desktop tutorials, but for now I just want to finish this project first.


Don’t upload a zip file. As I said, unzip it when it is in your local folder. For example, you have the js and css folder for all corresponding files, for your project. You have added links to those you want in the html code. When you have finished with project, upload all files to project’s repository on github.

Oke. So this would be done with githup desktop alone?
I’m new to github desktop, so it’s a bit of a struggle still.
From what I understand , I have to copy/paste all files/folders to the local repo, and then commit, and publish ?
I did this, but it included the full bootstrap folder in my github repo , and that’s probably wrong as deploying to live failed.

Sorry, I’m still unsure what to do?
Perhaps it’s explained here?

stackoverflow post

I tried the method posted by Achal Kagwad, but it does not work (see above what I tried).


I solved it using github desktop.

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