Increment a Number with JavaScript: Help!

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar + 1;
myVar + 1 = myVar++;

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It seems like you’re also not clear on what the assignment operator = does. It is not the same as an equals sign in math, even though it uses the same symbol.

So the line myVar + 1 = myVar++; results in a ReferenceError, because myVar + 1 isn’t something you can directly assign a new value to.


The closest thing JavaScript has to the equals sign in math is the strict equality operator ===. So, to check if myVar + 1 is equal to myVar++, you could do this:

console.log(myVar + 1 === myVar++);

However, this log false, because the ++ operator is applied after evaluating the current expression if used like that.

There is a way to apply it before evaluating the current expression, which is by putting it before the variable. So:

myVar + 1 === ++myVar;

Evaluates to true.