Stuck here. myVar = myVar + 1 needs to be changed

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line

myVar = myVar + 1;
myVar = myVar++;

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If you just want to pass the challenge, you should delete the first line with “myVar= MyVar + 1” since

the guideline tell you "myVar = myVar + 1; should be changed"

Also you could improve ‘myVar = myVar++’ // It could be shorter.

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If you do this and check the value of myVar afterward, it will still be the same
Remember, myVar++ is the shorthand version of myVar = myVar + 1

The entire line becomes i++; , eliminating the need for the equal sign.

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Solved! I took out the equal sign, and BINGO! Thank you for the help!