Increment a Number with JavaScript (V2)

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See code below. myVar++ evaluates at 88, which makes sense.

If everything to the “right” of the equal sign is evaluated first, why does myVar = myVar++ evaluate as 87, when using the Post Fix increment operator? Shouldn’t it evaluate as 88?

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let myVar = 87;
myVar = myVar++; // Evaluates as 87
myVar++; // Evaluates at 88

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Increment a Number with JavaScript

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MDN: Pre vs Post increment

Bottom line: Pre increment returns value AFTER incrementing. Post increment returns value BEFORE incrementing.

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It is best to avoid code where the difference between prefix and postfix incrementing matters.

In this case, it’s a bit bizarre to use an assignment operator in conjunction with an incrementor.

bbsmooth, I get the difference between Pre and Post. I just don’t understand why using the assignment operator with increment results in a 87, whereas when you leave out the assignment operator, and just use the variable + increment operator you get 88. Thanks for the reply!

JeremyLT, I get it, and agree. Will log this one under one of those things you just have to keep an out for when coding. Thanks!

… Because of the difference between pre and post incrementing.

The incrementing operator is a function with a return value. Everything’s a function, operators are just a little less clear about the fact that they are functions.

The return value depends upon if pre or post incrementing is used.

function preincriment(variable) {
  variable.value = variable.value + 1;
  return variable.value;

function postincriment(variable) {
  const oldValue = variable.value;
  variable.value = variable.value + 1;
  return oldValue;

This makes sense, thanks JeremeyLT!

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