Increment a Number with JS

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var myVar = 87;
// Only change code below this line

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Yes, ++myVar, should also work, but I guess the test is set up to accept it if the operator follows the variable, like in the example.

I agree with @kevinSmith, it’s probably got to do with how the testing environment is expecting to see the answer. However, it is worth noting that ++var and var++ aren’t technically the same.

++var returns the immediate increment of the var whereas var++ initially returns the original variable without being incremented

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An example of what @huntinghawk1415 is referring to would be the following. Let’s say I have a global variable named globalCount and initialize it to 0. Let’s also say I want to create a function named newCount which increments the value of count by 1 and returns the new value of count. See the code below which uses the ++ operator before count to achieve this

var count= 0;

function newCount() {
  return ++count;
console.log( newCount() ); // displays 1

Now consider the same function but using count++

var count = 0;

function newCount() {
  return count++;
console.log( newCount() ); // displays 0

The above code returns the value of count before incrementing the value of count.