Infinite Loop Warnings On Project Euler Challenges

I have made it through the first 7 challenges on Project Euler. For two of them, I am using while loops and get this error message when running the tests:

Potential infinite loop detected on line X. Tests may be failing because of this.

The code does not have an infinite loop, it just needs to run a large number of loops, such as calculating 10,001 prime numbers. Everything works fine on my own machine but I cannot submit the challenges on Free Code Camp due to the warnings. I saw some postings about adding //noprotect in the code, but that does not appear to work. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get the tests to run on these challenges so that they can be submitted? Any input is appreciated.

freeCodeCamp’s infinite loop detection is based on a timer. After a certain amount of time, it will stop running your code to prevent your browser from crashing. It is possible to write a solution that is efficient enough not to trigger the infinite loop protection.

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