Information Security and Quality Assurance Project -Testing your completed app


So I’ve completed the first app in this section- Metric-Imperial Converter. I have pasted the project into the page and also my GitHub page that corresponds with it. All seems good and it responds with a pass. I’m not sure if it is right though.

I then went ahead and copied just the shell of the project into it and it also passed. Do these checks actually work? If not, does anybody know the process of finding out if your code is right?

Cheers !!!

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The project links you turn in are not tested, if I understand correctly. You have to make sure your project at the link you provided meets the requirements/user stories. I believe it is subjected to random audits by fCC staff.

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Hi @abellinii. If you want to test your code you can use this legacy Back-End tester I found. It’s from freeCodeCamp. I forgot where I found the original link, but I’ve saved it in my own Remixed Glitch project so I have it for testing my projects.

I’ve completed 3 of 5 of the ISQA projects and the tests more or less line up precisely with the user stories in the current FCC projects.


Wow. Thanks for the very important information here. Can we delete the test files then? (like ‘test-runner.js’ etc, if they won’t impact our project’s capability to run? I’m definitely all about compacting my projects before presenting them if possible.


I’ve found that the legacy testing suites (such as the one kindly shared by @spencercorwin) don’t work for my Metric-Imperial Converter; whenever I run the tests they all fail and I only get an error: error message, which isn’t very useful to me. I’d love to hear if others have had the same issue (it appears to be a CORS one, but I haven’t poked at it very much).

While exploring the boilerplate code at the start of my project, and trying to make heads or tails of it, I did figure out that the tests in the boilerplate code are enabled by defining the .env variable NODE_ENV="test".

As soon as you add the NODE_ENV="test" variable (or un-comment it if you typed it in earlier), the FCC testing code in the boilerplate will run, providing lots of information in the server console.

When I first “activated” the tests, only 10/21 of the unit and functional tests were passing for me. After working through the error messages from the test suite with the help of lots of console.logs, I was able to get them all to pass.


I had the same issues. Actually, none of the tests are working for these projects for the moment:

Furthermore, you’ll have a complete answer to your question in the following section on GitHub (from which Julian NF’s reply is extracted):

If you have completed kindly provide your link please