Information Security Project - Stock Price Checker

I have passed all the tests in the final project except for 3rd test which is " The stockData property includes the stock symbol as a string, the price as a number, and likes as a number". I have tried many methods but still no luck. Can someone please help me what changes I need to do in my script to pass the 3rd test. Thanks in Advance. Here is my link:

Post a link to your code, can’t help otherwise. I tried your app and it does not work. Probably why the tests fail.

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Here is the link of the GitHub β€œGitHub - SatyaKayala/freecodecamp_stock_price_checker: Freecodecamp - Stock Price Checker”.
I have added all the script into it. Kindly have a look and suggest me what changes I have to do. Looking forward to hear from you.

Looks like the app is working now. Does the test still fail?

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