Information Security Projects - Stock Price Checker

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all the tests are passing minus the last one

  • Passed:You can provide your own project, not the example URL.

  • Passed:You should set the content security policies to only allow loading of scripts and CSS from your server.

  • Passed:You can send a GET request to /api/stock-prices, passing a NASDAQ stock symbol to a stock query parameter. The returned object will contain a property named stockData.

  • Passed:The stockData property includes the stock symbol as a string, the price as a number, and likes as a number.

  • Passed:You can also pass along a like field as true (boolean) to have your like added to the stock(s). Only 1 like per IP should be accepted.

  • Passed:If you pass along 2 stocks, the returned value will be an array with information about both stocks. Instead of likes, it will display rel_likes (the difference between the likes on both stocks) for both stockData objects.

  • Failed:All 5 functional tests are complete and passing.

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solution: boilerplate-project-stockchecker - Replit

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Information Security Projects - Stock Price Checker

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